Marc I. Malberg, MD    Helen of Troy, 1985,  72x48

Marc I. Malberg, MD

Helen of Troy, 1985,  72x48

Art copy work is an important branch of photography. It is important to pay close attention to detailand be very meticulous. We photographed the paintings of the very talented Dr. Marc Malberg. His work is based on different biblical themes with incorporated surrealism.  We photographed his paintings to look as close to they do in reality. Take a look at these marvelous works of art for yourself.  


When photographing art:

  • Use lighting that will portray the image as it is supposed to be shown.
  • Using color management tools like the color checker passport is imperative to reproducing the colors the artist intended.
  • Perspective should be kept direct and un-skewed.
  • As always, make your subject (in this case the art) look it’s best.

A small tidbit on the artist:

Happy Shooting.