W. C. Fields once said “Never work with kids or animals.” Here at Bohm-Marrazzo Photography, we disagree. We work with children and animals on a regular basis because we enjoy it! Don’t be fooled, working with kids and animals is not easy. As fun and warm-hearted people, it’s a natural ability for Linda Bohm and Gerry Marrazzo to be so well-versed in animal training and childwrangling.The combination of photographic expertise and psychology allows for the capture of perfect expressions and poses on those two or four-legged subjects.

Here are some basic tips for photographing, the sometimes hard to manage subjects of animals and children:

  • Patience is a virtue. As obvious as this may sound, it can be easy to lose patience when trying to get a subject who doesn’t understand you to do what you want.
  • Reward them! When using food or toys to get the attention of an animal or kid, allow them to get a little taste or get their hands (or paws) on that toy for a moment to maintain their interest.
  • Mi studio es su casa. Make them feel at home. Creating a comfortable environment where you’re shooting helps to take some stress of the subject.
  • Minimize distractions. Only one person should be trying to get the attention of the subject. When multiple people are calling or waving toys and treats, the animal or kid doesn’t know who to look at creating confusion.
  • Give them (and yourself) a break. If things aren’t going so smoothly and your subject is getting antsy, let them take a few minutes to relax off set.

Happy Shooting!