Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston was right, in more than one way! Attitude is important not only in how you live your life, but also in how you take someone’s portrait. The attitude of your subject plays a major role in the over allatmosphere of the image. Therefore it is of dire importance to capture your subject in such a way that their attitude shines through.

The attitude that you catch your subject in also depends on the mood you are trying to convey with your photograph. Timing is everything. Catching that one facial expression, be it smile or scowl, is what makes the picture.


However, this doesn’t just go for portraits of people. Animals have attitudes, too!
Those of which Linda Bohm and Gerry Marrazzo are unparalleled in capturing.
As you can see, the expression caught on Pippi’s face shows her fierce “CAT-itude!”

Remember, attitude is everything!