Packaging photography can be a lot of fun when working with adorable furry models!

At the Cat Expo this past weekend Bohm-Marrazzo Photography had a booth with some of the packages we did the photography for and some

information on how you can get your pet into pictures.

Read on to find out more!


How to get your pet into advertising…

  1. Lights, Camera, Action! Take lots of photos of your pet so they get comfortable with the flash!
  2. Your four-legged friend should feel at home…everywhere. When your pet is young bring them out to mingle with other people and pets in various environments so they will feel comfortable in new places.
  3. It’s all about training. Your pet should be trained to sit and stay and hold a pose. Tricks and agility are always bonuses.
  4. Submit the best of the best. When sending in photos of your pet for casting opportunities make sure you send the best, well lit photographs because the better the photo the more likely they will make the cut.
  5. Ready for their close up? Keep your pet in shape and healthy to increase their chances of getting chosen for the job.
  6. Contact us! Send in your photos and information about your pet to if you think your pet has what it takes. If we think your pet is a future superstar we’ll contact you back!