At Bohm-Marrazzo Photography we’re a big fan of swimming prodigy, Michael Phelps. So is the lovely border collie “Luca Phelps”.
Here, she takes on the character of 22-time gold medalist Michael Phelps. Recuperating from some world record breaking laps in the pool, Luca still finds the composure to pose for the camera.



Unfortunately we were not able to go to London to shoot at the Olympic pool, so we posed ourOlympian in the studio and compiled the image with a background of the pool–Thanks to Gerry’sphotoshop expertise. You would never know she wasn’t actually an olympic swimmer would you? This photograph was taken for SPLASH News (and for our amusement)!


Happy Sporting. Game on!


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Special thanks to Diane Bauman for the lovely Luca!