As the Olympic Games slow down and draw to a close, the whole world waits to see the final medal count.
With China and the United States neck-and-neck for first place we all watch with anticipation.


Our Cat Olympians take pride in what ever medals they have acquired, as you can see here.Riplee raises her arms in victory of winning the first place gold medal.
Pippi stands noble in second place with her silver medal, (although jealous hints of her inner Maroney show through as she places a paw onto the coveted first place).
And last, but by no means the least, the 18 year old Bonnie proudly sports her bronze.

These gymnastic cats are decorated in wrist bands and collars to represent their homelands on the medal podium. Their Olympic costumes were crafted by Linda Bohm to help each cat look their best!

Inspired by American gymnast Gabby Douglas who made history when she took home the gold inindividual and team all-around.
Not to mention Gabby is the first African-American to win the all-around in gymnastics.
Riplee embraces the proud and enthusiastic spirit of Gabby’s record-breaking Olympic moments here on the medal podium.

This photo was taken for Splash News!

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