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About Us

Philosophy and Team

Bohm-Marrazzo Photography offers everything a client needs in the creation of an image. Our unique team approach brings together both the technical and artistic excellence needed to meet today’s demands for the perfect digital file. Down-to-earth and big on communication, we strive to understand what our client wants to achieve – before the very first image is taken.

We integrate the magic between camera and computer to bring your advertising concepts to life. Our images promise to be refreshing, unique and affordable.

What separates us from other studios is a vital partnership of two: Linda Bohm and Gerry Marrazzo.

Gerry knew that he was destined to make the career switch from pure scientist to Digital Photographer and Photoshop Master when he took his first photo course at Montclair State University. He continues his education to keep up with the latest trends in digital capture and photography by attending seminars given by the experts in the imaging field. Besides a superb shooter, Gerry is unequaled in his ability to combine multiple images into a single, convincing photo with his skills on the computer.

Linda traded her racing helmet on the track for running shoes in the dog show agility ring. As an accomplished dog trainer and her national participation in the dog show world, she keeps connected directly with top trainers of all animals. This alliance helps her bring new furry faces to a multitude of campaigns. You can see more of our animal photography on Pet Shop, our animal photography website. As a former columnist for the Daily News and investigative reporter for many major magazines and newspapers, the discipline to meet seemingly impossible deadlines has led to Linda’s success in commercial photography.